Grouping of substances should be science-based

In recent months Peter Fisk has had the opportunity to present recent work on organophosphorus flame retardants (FRs) in two public webinars, demonstrating some novel technical approaches to the important hot topic of the grouping of substances for regulatory scrutiny. In both presentations, over 20 phosphate ester and phosphonate ester substances used as FRs or […]

Commission-sponsored report on Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD): will it help innovators?

SSbD is a foundational principle in the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS). This objective is in the process of being fully defined, and a new report from the Joint Research Centre is a major contribution to that, see: Caldeira, C., Farcal, R., Garmendia Aguirre, I., Mancini, L., Tosches, D., Amelio, A., Rasmussen, K., Rauscher, […]

Can we use financial incentives to move away from hazardous substances more quickly?

The well- known NGO ChemSec published an important new report last month, ‘Unlock the market’.  ChemSec states “Economic incentives that support companies who are moving away from hazardous chemicals can stimulate the market transition towards sustainability more efficiently”, on its web site, at The report has been written by eftec, a consultancy with specialised knowledge […]

Pressures which will accelerate the implementation of sustainable chemistry

A recent policy brief from the European Environmental Bureau (EEB, a large network of environmental NGOs) entitled “Integrating the toxic-free environment goal into product policy” opens with a very clear statement.

New report from ChemSec: “What goes around – Enabling the circular economy by removing chemical roadblocks”

ChemSec has published a report that addresses the issue of the low level of recycling of plastics and textiles. The report describes well the many barriers to recycling.

Germany Reports on Advancing REACH and Substitution

Solvents industry stakeholder day

European Commission: May 2020 Roadmap