From 1995 to 2020 I built up a highly respected team in Peter Fisk Associates Limited of over 30 staff in the UK and Belgium, working on regulatory issues for industry and regulators.

I am now hoping that Green Chemical Design Ltd will be a new success. It will bring together the themes of research and development regulatory robustness and sustainability.

In my career I have applied sound principles of physical chemistry to discovery, working with several multinational companies on, for example:

  • Mode of action of corrosion inhibitors
  • Complexation and adsorption models
  • Fungicides and insecticide bioavailability
  • Early environmental assessment

and in regulatory compliance, for Shell and Peter Fisk Associates Limited:

  • Composition of multi-constituent substances and natural products
  • Environmental fate and behaviour
  • Models of environmental distribution of chemicals
  • Ecotoxicology of complex substances
  • Quantitative structure-activity relationships.

I hope that the combined benefits of these important skills will be useful to all stakeholders.