Following on from a 2020 report on REACH and sustainability, the German Environment Agency (UBA) has published a report titled “Advancing REACH – REACH and substitution”.

The report considers:

  • How can REACH enhance substitution of substances of concern?
  • How could changes in REACH or its implementation enhance the support of substitution by REACH?

There are many recommendations, which include:

  • A quicker identification of substances of very high concern, and/or control of those with unacceptable risks is needed
  • Make identification of substitutes easier by better use description in dossiers
  • Grouping approaches should be used more frequently to avoid poor substitutions
  • Include non-monetizable health benefits for society and environmental benefits in socioeconomic analysis
  • Support the substitution of essential uses of hazardous substances
  • Make more use of the precautionary principle
  • Develop national substitution strategies
  • Support private investment in substitution
  • Promote success stories
  • Provide financial support to help development of innovations.

Read the full report at:

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