A voice that must be listened to is that of the European Commission. Take a look at a few key verbatim extracts from its May 2020 Roadmap “Chemicals strategy for sustainability”, downloaded on 12 May 2020 (my highlights).

  • As announced in the European Green Deal and in the context of its zero pollution ambition for a toxic-free environment, the Commission will present a Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability.
  • Europe needs an innovative, responsible and sustainable chemicals industry and needs to strengthen its capacity to produce chemicals in a sustainable and competitive way.
  • The regulatory framework on chemicals needs to be strengthened to further increase the level of protection of human health and environment
  • Production of safer chemicals, products and materials in Europe is not sufficiently incentivised, and frontrunners developing and using safer and more sustainable chemicals, modernising existing or developing alternative technologies and business models are struggling to be competitive vis-a-vis incumbents
  • The Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability will both help to protect citizens and the environment better against hazardous chemicals and encourage innovation for the development of safe and sustainable alternatives
  • The Strategy will also support EU’s strategic autonomy in the production of essential chemicals across key sectors and promote research and development for the sustainable transformation of the chemical industry and the creation of green and sustainable manufacturing capacity in Europe.
European Commission. May 2020.
Chemicals – strategy for Sustainability
Retrieved from ec.europa.eu

This was built on some important reports published previously.

The challenges for us all are clear: the EU Authorities want change. We can expect the UK strategy to be similar. Sweden, The Netherlands and Denmark are promoting substitution of hazardous substances very strongly.

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